Current Position: Owner of construction company
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2023 US Senator

Joseph (Joe) O’Dea (born January 20, 1962) is an American businessman in the construction industry, and candidate for United States Senator from Colorado. He is the CEO of a Denver-based heavy civil contracting company and O’Dea and his wife Celeste O’Dea are the owners of popular event venues near Mile High Stadium.

One of the event centers, Ironworks, is a property that is more than 100 years old. It was originally occupied by Midwest Steel Company and produced frameworks for many of the buildings that can be seen in downtown Denver today. Joe and Celeste O’Dea have one adult daughter.  by Joe O’Dea for Ballotpedia.

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Source: Campaign page

Joe’s a political outsider, and a conservative.

Joe O’Dea is the CEO of a Colorado construction company running for the United States Senate.

Joe supports term limits, a balanced budget, and opposes higher taxes.

Adopted at birth and raised by a Denver police officer and a loving mother, Joe became a carpenter at a young age.

Joe went to Colorado State University to study construction management, but dropped out to run a construction company he started in his basement.

That construction company has built billions in large-scale construction projects all around the state of Colorado.  That construction company, now 30-years old, employs more than 300 Coloradans.

Joe O’Dea is running for the Senate to cut wasteful spending and the debt, to get America refocused on energy independence, and to keep America safe and secure by supporting the police at home and by supporting a strong military and “peace through strength” abroad.

Joe has been endorsed by prominent conservatives, including former Senator Hank Brown, rural State Senators Jerry Sonnenberg from Sterling and Ray Scott from Grand Junction, and dozens of small business owner and prominent conservatives all across Colorado.

Joe O’Dea was endorsed by the largest association of police officers in Colorado – called O’Dea “a man of guts and integrity – and O’Dea was endorsed by Jason Dunn, Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney in Colorado, who called Joe “a leader and rock solid conservatives.”

Joe announced for the US Senate in late 2021.


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Source: Campaign page

The Joe O’Dea agenda: reduce inflation, cut the debt, support the police and military, defend working Americans.

Democracy & Governance


  • Out of control debt at the federal level is a moral issue. We are saddling our kids and grandkids with huge debts that will only be paid for with huge tax increases.

  • The national debt is currently $28 trillion. That’s more than $85,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. And it’s even more – about $225,000 – for every U.S. taxpayer.

  • Just the interest on the national debt costs taxpayers more than $500 billion per year. That’s half a trillion dollars every year, just on interest.

  • I understand why we needed to spend on things like the Payroll Protection Program during the depths of the pandemic. But adding another $3.5 trillion to the national debt, like the budget Michael Bennet supported, is just crazy.

  • I will not be a blank check in Washington like Michael Bennet. I will not support increasing the debt ceiling without a long-term plan to lower the debt.

  • Washington needs to look at borrowing money the same way a business does and the same way a family does. We can’t say yes to everything. We have to prioritize and only borrow when we know how we’re going to pay it back. Otherwise we’re just raising taxes on our kids.

Economy & Jobs


  • When I say working Americans, I mean the middle class, I mean small business owners, I mean the people who work, who contribute, who play by the rules.  Working Americans are being ignored by Washington.

  • I want an America for your grandkids and mine that values and rewards hard work. Hard work makes people better.

  • Washington isn’t focused on working people. And those policies have deep consequences. Out-of-control inflation, taxation, and red tape are destroying the value of work in our country. When everything costs more, your paycheck is worth less, and your work is devalued. That’s wrong.

  • Here’s something you should know about inflation. The biggest driver of inflation is the embrace of socialism by the political elites in Washington. They are funding a massive expansion of the federal government by printing money – and dumping all that printed money into the economy causes inflation.

Public Safety


  • Reckless decisions from left-wing politicians are making the world more dangerous. What happened in Afghanistan is an outrage and a foreign policy blunder of epic proportions – and that same brand of far-left extremism is making our neighborhoods and our communities less safe too.

  • Overseas, we are caving to extremists, authoritarians, and communist governments everywhere: The Taliban. Russia. China. Iran. We aren’t listening to our military and other people on the ground. And when America shows weakness, the world is less safe.

  • Here at home, we are losing our cities to homelessness and crime. The political elite refuse to stand with the police and first responders. For political reasons, the political elite is allowing homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and even violent crime to get completely out of control.

  • Denver is a disaster – it’s a true tragedy.  And if we don’t get serious about protecting our streets and our people, our suburbs will be overrun by crime and homelessness too.

  • My dad was a Denver beat cop. So the way the police are being demonized really upsets me. Defunding the police isn’t just a bad idea. It’s morally wrong and the communities who suffer the most aren’t the rich or the middle class – it’s people in poor and disadvantaged communities.

  • I will be the kind of leader who has the back of the men and women who wear the uniform.  That means I will stand with our police and firefighters.  And I’ll defend and fight for the men and women in our armed services each and every day.

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